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Create a Resort in Your Own Back Yard with Award Winning Pool and Landscape Design

Here’s a frequent refrain, “I need a vacation. I’ve been stuck indoors at the office all week. I need an outdoor therapeutic place to escape to for relaxation and a sense of freedom rather than being cooped up at home. I need exercise and time with family, something that is more convenient than eating out all the time or going on frequent trips.”

Instead of planning a vacation somewhere far from home, somewhere you have to pack for and plan for, you can create a resort environment of your own to enjoy constantly as part of your everyday environment. Imagine the impact this could have on your psychology and well-being.

Backyard Resort

As people take a closer look at their assets, many are realizing they have enormous potential right at home to make their environment more relaxing and peaceful by using back yard landscape design.
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A Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Pool

Frank Llyod Wright Three main goals drove the design and construction of this one-of-a-kind pool. First, the homeowners wanted a backyard that embodied their lifestyle. Second, they wanted the design to exemplify the unique character of the home, which is part of a Taliesen designed community, where each house has the Frank Lloyd Wright esthetic. Third, they wanted the pool and landscape to be harmonious and serve as an extension of the indoor living spaces.

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Water Fountain & Fire Pit Add Distinction

Published in Phoenix Home & Garden, September 2011

“Elegance and Comfort Meld in a Designer’s Own Residence” (excerpt)

fire pitRows of pavers intersected by grass lead to a wood trellis with grape-bearing vines and a tiled fire pit, with its displays of porcelain spheres. All designed by Kirk Bianchi, a Phoenix Home & Garden, Master of the Southwest. [Read more…]

How spaces are shaped affects how we feel about them, whether we know it or not

When you were growing up, did you ever climb up into the neighbor kid’s tree house? Wasn’t it neat to be way up there in your own hideout where no one could see you – but you could see everyone? Didn’t you feel powerful, and a bit mischievous, as though you could dream of just about anything?

Contrast that feeling of seeing to one of being seen. Picture yourself standing on the field of a football stadium or on stage in a grand auditorium. What a sense of exposure that is, looking up at all those seats and thinking of so many eye, all on you. [Read more…]

Arizona Pool and Architectural Landscape Designer Kirk Bianchi on Outdoor Living as an Artform

Master Architectural Landscape Designer, Kirk Bianchi discusses the Serenity in your Own Backyard. This Award Winning Pool Builder and Landscape Designer incorporates the surrounding environment into his eclectic vision.

Good Morning Arizona Feature Kirk Bianchi

Pool Builder and Landscape Architectural Designer Kirk Bianchi’s Master Creation is Profiled on Phoenix Channel 3′s Good Morning Arizona. This Contemporary Masterpiece includes a 2 Story Waterfall, Negative Edge Pool and Secluded Jacuzzi. Bianchi’s Artistic Vision was also Featured in Aquascape Magazine.