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Why Bianchi Design?

About You

You are passionate about sharing your home and success with your friends and those you care about.

You appreciate quality art, architecture, travel, cuisine, fashion, music, and the genius behind them.

You are delighted by elegant solutions.

Your eye for beauty means your environment is a reflection of who you are. You invest in quality, surrounding yourself with people and things of enduring value.

You seek out experts in their craft; their talents and insights enhance your decision making process and bring your dream to light. For this reason, you want Kirk Bianchi, a trusted artisan and pool designer, to design your outdoor living space.

How I Help

I am passionate about creating magical settings for you to experience and enjoy every day.

I design your outdoor spaces by paying close attention to details and the best allocation of your resources.

I bring your vision to light, making it shine.

I finesse your pool and landscape spaces into a sanctuary that you will treasure for years to come — like a favorite piece of art, antique or fine collectible.

I bring the expertise and talent you need for acquiring that tranquil setting you’ve looked for.

When you work with me, you experience an artist who balances design with the highest return on investment.